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wayne in the studio

Wayne Clayton

Wayne is influenced by the Australian landscape and his childhood growing up in North Queensland. Being surrounded by the natural beauty of Rainforest, Beaches and The Great Barrier Reef, he has had an abundant and rich source of inspiration.


Wayne's Works of original art are highly intuitive and deeply symbolic of the natural form and colours of the environment and landscapes he has lived in, he explores and continues to discover. From greens and blues splashed with golds and coppers, to vibrant yellows dotted with warm browns, his work expresses the mood and feelings he gets from his surroundings and experiences within them.


Through each piece Wayne creates, he aims to evoke a sense of emotion and spirituality for the viewer. Mixing a vibrant colour pallet with the use of different mediums, combined with texture and surface, results in layers and depth within each piece. This gives the viewer an experience that delves into each layer, searching and finding hidden experiences of the environment it represents.

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